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We have been dog lovers for as long as we can remember, they have almost become a way of life for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I (Jacqui) was raised alongside Golden Retrievers from the age of 5, and was fortunate enough to learn all that I could about raising and breeding these amazing beings from my Mom. Later in life I expanded my horizons to the world of large, lovable fur babies, as I welcomed Saint Bernards and Great Danes into our family. 

Since moving into an urban setting 4 years ago, with limited yard space, we could not in good conscience accommodate such a large breed. Enter Meelah, Max and Macie, our beautiful Malshis!

Not having a previous need to feed and water our puppies inside of the house, we did not realize what issues would arise from a simple water dish: messy wet faces, fur stained from being wet around their mouths, water all over the floor, dirty, contaminated water and dishes turned upside down. It was not ideal to say the least.  Our brother and his wife had the same issues with their Shitzu. They soon discovered the water bottle system, and we quickly followed suit. Using a water bottle was a game changer in our home, offering so many amazing benefits, that we just had to share!

Previously being only available in the U.S.A, we are now pleased to offer this product in Canada. 

We hope you and your fur babies enjoy the water bottle system as much as we do!

  • Greg & Jacqui

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